Intellectual Property


Trademark Applications

Trade marks are an essential intellectual property right through which a business can protect its brand and reputation. They enable you to distinguish your services, goods and logos, and are one of the most valuable assets a business possesses. We more than appreciate just how vital trade marks are to your business and that is why we have worked with clients across the globe to register and protect their trade marks. Given the essential nature of trade marks, it is important that businesses approach acquiring trade marks with best practice in mind, especially given the recent changes in law due to Brexit.

How can our intellectual property team help with trade mark applications:

  • Filing trade marks in the EU, UK and globally.
  • Advising on the registrability of the trade mark.
  • Conducting clearance searches.
  • Handling any objections or third party oppositions.
  • Advising on filing strategies
  • Continued monitoring and policy of registered trade marks.
  • Representing clients in cases involving trade mark infringement