Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property Audits

Nearly all businesses, irrespective of size, will generate intellectual property, whether intentionally or incidentally. As well as this many businesses are unaware of existing IP which inadvertently remains unprotected. With all of the different kinds of IP that exist, and all of the different avenues a business could go down in terms of both protecting, and maximising their IP, it is understandable that often things can get complex. That is why an Intellectual Property Audit often proves an invaluable first step for businesses, content creators, and influencers looking to secure their IP rights.

What can an Intellectual Property Audit help you achieve?

  • Identify the IP that you currently have
  • Exploration of options available for registering that IP, including Copyright; Design rights; Trade marks/brand protection; Patents;
  • Identifying potential conflicts and issues with existing IP
  • Introduction to IP commercialisation
  • Review of IP focused contracts and agreements.