Once Employment Has Ended

Occasionally, things do get heated and employers can find themselves facing an employment tribunal claim. We can help you assess the merits and quantum of a potential claim; make a considered decision as to whether to defend the claim or attempt to settle it. If you do decide to defend the claim, we can assist you and/or represent you all the way through to a final employment tribunal hearing.

We can help you with:

  • ACAS early conciliation;
  • Assessing the merits and potential quantum of any claim (ET1) brought;
  • Assist you with the drafting of your defence (ET3);
  • Case management of the matter through to hearing, including:
    • Representation at preliminary hearings;
    • Preparing schedule of loss;
    • Disclosure/exchange of documents;
    • Taking witness statements;
    • Preparing counter-statements, list of issues and/or chronology;
    • Preparing hearing bundles;
    • Representation at full hearing/instructing counsel.