On Recruitment

Today, with the increase in popularity of more flexible working practises and a move towards a gig economy, employers have more options for the basis on which they engage individuals to suit their current business needs. The employment team at Moore can consider your business needs and advise you on the best fit for engaging staff. We can draft up all of the necessary legal documentation for you to ensure that you are up to date with current employment law and meeting your legal obligations. Having the correct documentation at the start of any relationship becomes crucial if a dispute arises or when you need to effectively manage staff issues in the future.

Some examples of services you may require when recruiting staff that we can help with:

  • Fixed-term contracts;
  • Casual or zero hour contracts;
  • Director’s service agreements;
  • Permanent employment contracts;
  • Protecting your business - Restrictive Covenants; Intellectual Property; Confidentiality and Data Protection (GDPR);
  • Employee benefits - Bonus and Share plans; Pensions and benefit packages;
  • Advice and documentation for agency workers;
  • Apprenticeship agreements;
  • Key policies and/or Staff Handbooks.